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Letterheads : typographic portraits /

Coote, Maree,

Letterheads : typographic portraits / Maree Coote. - South Melbourne, VIC : Melbournestyle Books, 2021. - 117 pages : colour illustrations ; 28 cm.

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What's in a name? Maree Coote reveals the missing link between word and image. This award-winning illustrator has developed her own graphic language of illustrative typography, making images of all kinds using only the letters of the subject's name and existing typefaces. This ambitious collection of fabulous faces includes punks, presidents, musos, muses, heroes and horrors, in a gathering of unforgettable humanity. Also includes an insight into the genesis of the 'Fontigram', the inspirations and working practices of the designer, and a smattering of type history for the aficionado. The result is a delight for lovers of typefaces, human faces and serendipity."A kind of alphabetical sculpture - the missing link between word and image."

9780648568438 (paperback)

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