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100 1 _aFowler, Therese,
245 1 0 _aIt all comes down to this /
_cTherese Anne Fowler.
260 _aLondon, UK :
300 _a344 pages ;
_c23 cm.
520 _aMarti Geller is going to die soon, and she's hoping to take her secrets with her. To do this, Marti has stipulated in her will that the family's summer home on Mount Desert Island, Maine, must be sold as soon as possible. This request comes as a shock to her three daughters, a trio of strong-minded women who are each hiding a secret of their own. For the eldest daughter, Beck, the Maine cottage is essential to her secret wish to write a novel, and selling is the last thing she wants to do. But recently divorced Claire is privately too preoccupied with an unrequited love to be concerned about the sale, while the youngest daughter, Sophie, would never admit to her sisters that she desperately needs the sale in order to survive. While the sisters argue over the fate of their late mother's property, enigmatic southerner C.J. Reynolds, with his own troubled past, is released from prison and begins to travel to Mount Desert Island. As this seemingly unconnected group all head for the coast of Maine, nothing is as it seems. And everything is about to change...
650 0 _aFamily secrets
650 0 _aHomecoming
650 0 _aFamilies
650 0 _aInheritance and succession
650 7 _aFamilies.
650 7 _aFamily secrets.
650 7 _aHomecoming.
650 7 _aInheritance and succession.
653 0 _aUS & CAN fiction
653 _aUS & CAN fiction
655 7 _aFiction.
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